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2017 Mercury Group

How to Navigate When Technology is in the Driver’s Seat

The name Mercury Group is derived from the Roman god Mercury, the patron god of commerce and communication. This name embodies the spirit of the group and encourages participants to discover better ways of working through idea sharing, up-to-date benchmarking information, and transparent collaboration.

2017 Agenda

How to Navigate When Technology is in the Driver’s Seat | Technology is changing our industry faster now than ever. Truck technologies, energy efficiencies, and data capabilities are creating more complexity – and more opportunity. At this year’s Mercury Group, we will discover how to create a strategy for success as the pace of change accelerates.



Help us kick off the 9th annual Mercury Group at our Welcome Reception beginning at 6 PM in the ETA Restaurant (formerly Rural Society, located on the first floor of the Loews Hotel). Please join us for cocktails, appetizers, and a friendly round of Breakthrough® BINGO to get to know fellow Mercury Group participants.


  • 8:00, Mercury Group Introduction & Welcome
  • 8:30, How to Navigate When Technology is in the Driver’s Seat
  • 9:30, Break
  • 10:00, Beyond Balance: The Future of the Technology-Driven Energy Market and Client Experience Share
  • 12:00, Lunch
  • 1:00, Best Practices in Transportation Energy Management and Client Experience Share
  • 2:30, Break
  • 3:00, Best Practices in Transportation Energy Management, Part II
  • 3:30, Guest Speaker: Josh Switkes, Founder & CEO, Peloton Technology, Inc.
  • 4:30, Navigating Success
  • 6:00, Rooftop Reception
  • 7:00, Rooftop Dinner


  • 8:30, The 10-Year Breakthrough®Experience
  • 9:00, Guest Speaker: Craig Fuller, CEO & Managing Director, TransRisk
  • 10:00, Break
  • 10:30, Thinking Strategically With Data
  • 12:00, Lunch and What’s New at Breakthrough®
  • 1:30, Conclusion of Mercury Group 2017

Guest Speakers

Craig Fuller, TransRisk, CEO

Craig Fuller is the CEO and Founder of TransRisk, the first trucking financial contract and information service provider. TransRisk seeks to help shippers, carriers, and 3PLs have more visibility in the trucking marketplace by developing products that offer transparency and risk management solutions. Prior to launching TransRisk, Craig was the founder of TransCard, a leading fleet and fuel card provider that was sold to US Bank. He has been involved in all aspects of domestic ground transportation for the past twenty years and was the founder of the largest on-demand truckload provider in the US, Xpress Direct. He holds a BBA from Baylor University.

Josh Switkes, Peloton Technology, Founder and CEO

Josh has been working on systems to make driving safer and more efficient for the last 13 years. After his work at Stanford University on a variety of vehicle control systems, including guaranteeing safety for lane keeping assistance and steering wheel haptic feedback, Josh developed production control systems for Volkswagen, Audi, and Tula Technology. Josh is also an avid (but amateur) race car driver, cyclist, and marathon runner, and is improving his commercial vehicle driving every day. Josh holds a PhD from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering.