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Fuel Surcharge

The fuel surcharge system was broken so we built something better.

Traditional fuel surcharge programs that are based on the Department of Energy (DOE) Index do not reflect the true cost of moving goods to market. Those responsible for managing thousands of freight movements a year need real-time fuel price data, effective fuel management strategies, and true transparency in procurement. Most importantly: a method to reduce cost, consumption, and emissions related to the fuel in their supply chain.

Breakthrough® Innovations That Work

We bring shippers the tools and strategies to improve fuel cost, consumption, and emissions in their transportation energy network. Our team is dedicated to finding the best solutions to advance your supply chain. Browse our service offerings below.

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North American & Global Fuel Management

Fuel costs fluctuate from city to city on a daily basis, so why are shippers reimbursing for fuel based on a weekly national average or all-in freight rates? Transparent fuel costs on every movement, every day, allow shippers to reimburse carriers accurately by removing the distortion built into traditional fuel surcharges.

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Real-Time Transportation Data

Gain a competitive advantage using your real-time data for your most pressing transportation and energy management challenges. Welcome to Breakthrough®Insight. Enjoy visualizations of your full network, energy consumption, and compliance management information.

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Marine Fuel Management

Eliminate distortion by unbundling fuel costs from freight costs. With Breakthrough®Fuel, Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) program fuel costs are aligned to a market-based approach resulting in a competitive advantage in your ocean freight movements. Let’s maximize savings before you hit land.

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Fixed Price Fuel Solution

Create budget certainty. Stop guessing at what your fuel prices will be next week, next month, or even next year. When you lock in a fixed fuel price, we take on the market volatility so you don’t have to.

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Transportation Energy Market Advisor

Knowledge is power. The Breakthrough®Advisor team provides energy market updates covering the latest fuel market price trends and fuel price forecasting in geographies across the world.

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Stop Reacting to Fuel Costs. Start Managing Them.

Breakthrough® was founded with a mission to challenge the status quo. We created the world’s first enterprise dedicated to helping shippers achieve transparency in the fuel that moves their goods to market.

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Gallons of fuel we manage annually

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Actively unbundling Fuel

Supporting 5 billion miles of transportation, and managing approximately 700 million gallons of fuel annually in more than 47 countries, makes us the trusted transportation energy advisor worldwide.

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