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Stay on the Edge of Transportation Management

The Breakthrough®Fuel Applied Knowledge Team is always on the move. We monitor North American and global marketplaces to keep our clients in the know about relevant news that will impact their transportation energy network. We do this through our Advisor publication, Advisor Pulse, and Advisor Brief.

The Breakthrough®Advisor

Breakthrough® Advisor computerThe Breakthrough®Advisor publication is exclusive to Breakthrough® clients and includes updates surrounding the fuel market price trends, fuel fundamentals, fuel price forecasts, and special features aligned to current geopolitical events. Interested in learning more? To get a sneak peek, sign-up for our Breakthrough® Brief below.

The Breakthrough®Advisor Pulse

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The world of fuel management is rapidly changing. We keep you informed so you can make smart and timely decisions that will impact your transportation energy network. Check out our exclusive online publication, Advisor Pulse, an information-packed document that educates, informs, and enlightens. Choose the Market Update version or the Sustainability version.

The Breakthrough®Advisor Brief

Breakthrough® Brief iconThe Advisor Brief is our monthly Breakthrough®Advisor publication, only condensed. The Brief explores drivers impacting the transportation energy market and includes our monthly fuel price forecasts. Sign up below to receive the next 3 documents and see what our clients see – transparent and accurate fuel market analyses.

Advisor Pulse & Sustainability Materials

Click on the Advisor Pulse topic below to read the full report. Looking for even more? Be sure to visit our blog to find additional market updates and industry breakthroughs.


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Mexico Energy Reform Feb 2017 >

Mexico Energy Reform Jan 2017 >

2017 Tax Changes >

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2014 Sustainability Report >

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G7 Summit | Managing Emissions >

Mercury Group

Our clients participate in the Mercury Group, an annual knowledge-sharing event hosted by Breakthrough®Fuel. This event brings our clients together to advance the practice of energy transportation management in a collaborative environment. We provide opportunities for our clients to advance thought leadership and determine the best ways to meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment.

Our next Mercury Group will be held August 8–9, 2017 at the Loews Hotel in Downtown Chicago. 

Mercury Group Summits

We believe that breakthroughs occur in the gaps. They occur in those unexpected moments when people meet for the first (or 50th) time and conversations lead to new ideas. We know that collaboration is the key to success and that it will continue to fuel the Mercury Group and Breakthrough®Fuel clients forward.

We are proud to continue the Mercury Group conversation year round with regional summits. These events bring together Breakthrough® clients (and future Breakthrough® clients) to collaborate, share best practices, and engage with industry peers. We want to see you – sign up now!

Upcoming Events

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