Mexican Fuel Management

With the introduction of a free market price dynamic in the fuel market, shippers in Mexico now have the opportunity to actively manage their transportation spend to create consistency and stability in their supply chains. Breakthrough has the technology and expertise to help you implement a solution to navigate the challenges of this now dynamic and volatile market. Our Mexico Fuel Recovery solution will enable you to:

Separate Fuel from Freight

Separate fuel from freight to uncover your fuel consumption and establish a baseline for your program strategy.

Reimburse your Carriers

Reimburse your carriers based on market prices that are reflective of the costs they incur at the pump. Fuel will no longer be an influencer in linehaul rate discussions.

Manage Fuel Costs

Manage fuel costs of cross-border freight to determine fuel reimbursement for shipments between the U.S. and Mexico.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity of your team with a consistent, data-driven fuel reimbursement strategy.

Continuous Improvement

Set yourself up for continuous improvement in management of your fuel costs year-over-year.

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