Bring Visibility to Your Mexican Transportation Energy Strategy


The deregulated and liberalized Mexican fuel market poses a critical challenge to shippers. With IEPS taxes, all-in freight rate structures, and changing legislation and infrastructure distorting prices, shippers have little visibility into their fuel spend or the dynamics that drive it. This forces them to spend more time discussing fuel with carriers, and less time creating more efficient and productive strategies.

To be effective in this environment, shippers need to actively manage their fuel spend. By introducing a fair, accurate, and data-driven fuel reimbursement program, shippers operating in Mexico separate fuel and freight costs, enabling true visibility into the actual price and amount of fuel consumed in their movements.

Breakthrough Mexican Fuel Management brings consistency and stability in a volatile and dynamic fuel marketplace. We work with you to design and introduce a tailored fuel program–mobilizing your data and unbundling fuel and freight costs – enabling you to make empowered decisions when moving freight to market. Leveraging this information in strategic discussions makes fuel a pass-through expense ensuring carriers are made whole on fuel, and shippers never overpay to move their goods to market.

The Benefits of Managing Fuel in Mexico

Separate Fuel From Freight

Fuel is separated from freight costs enabling true visibility into how changing economic, political, and infrastructure-related events affect price dynamics. This way, changes to fuel prices are reflected in reimbursements.

Create Fair and Accurate Strategies

Both shippers and carriers benefit when fuel is fairly and accurately reimbursed. When fuel price is based on transparent data, linehaul conversations become more productive and strategic conversations can focus on broader areas of service.

Continuous Improvement

Consistent reimbursement strategies provide opportunities for continuous improvement in the management of fuel costs, year-over-year. Using data to set a baseline and validate performance, changes to fuel efficiency, mode, and expansion of the program are possible.


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