August 17-18, 2021


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Elevate your Supply Chain

Breakthrough shipper clients gather annually at Mercury Group to share challenges, opportunities, and best practices in a group of like-minded professionals. The Breakthrough team leverages the spirit of our services and a history of innovation to bring solutions, research, and industry expertise to life through the Mercury Group. This event facilitates deep conversations for peer-based learning and collaboration.

Transportation Industry Best Practices
Freight & Fuel Forecasting
Industry-Leading Benchmarking
Industry Technology & Trends

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We pride ourselves on being a company that values meaningful professional connections and have built upon that for the last twelve years with our annual Mercury Group event. Keeping safety at the forefront of our priorities, our 2020 event was hosted virtually and we plan to do the same with our 2021 event. Despite the uncertain times we face, the Mercury Group team is confident that we will continue to find new, creative ways to bring meaningful content and experiences your way.



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9:00am - 3:00pm

Agenda Coming Soon

Stay tuned for this year's session schedule & details.