Fuel Management Case Studies

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Read how a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company introduced a Fuel Recovery program in 2015 to achieve initial savings, that have continued to promote accuracy, transparency, and cost avoidance in their transportation fuel spend.

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Read how one specialty retailer successfully launched Fuel Recovery as a cost savings initiative in 2015, decreased linehaul rates in the process, and continues to save millions in overpayment for fuel reimbursements year over year.


Over the last decade, Whirlpool Corporation has traveled billions of miles while managing fuel with Breakthrough's Fuel Recovery program. In the process, they have reducing their cost, consumption, and emissions along the way—and the results speak for themselves.


Shearer’s Foods adopted a strategy to cut transportation costs and position the organization to make ongoing efficiency improvements to its supply chain.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Read how Breakthrough consolidated fourteen unique data sources into a single, market-based fuel management program. The transportation fuel management solution resulted in significant cost savings.