Freight Solutions Case Studies

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Read how Breakthrough used its robust dataset to identify brand new carrier partners that naturally fit into a client's network. These alignments were better for both parties, and resulted in lower contractual rate.


See how the team at Ball Metalpack reimagined their capacity sourcing strategy with Breakthrough. They were able to customize their strategic goals while also creating optimizations that saved on transportation costs and continued to evolve throughout the year.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Every transportation network has its own unique strengths and challenges, and in the midst of a dynamic marketplace, each lane should be monitored with its own custom parameters. Read how one Breakthrough client identified an opportunity on a lane and corrected it with a data-informed partner recommendation.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

When a shipper's lane volume increased and remained elevated, Breakthrough was able to identify and secure a capacity contract to cover it that optimally fit the client's network, mitigated excess costs that would have been incurred in the spot market, and saved money over time.


Beyond their successful bid results, Shearer’s transformed how they think about sourcing contract capacity across their network. Rather than being bound to an annual bid cycle, the team has operationalized it to create continuous improvement opportunities.