Breakthrough provides linehaul rate benchmarking that reflects the dynamics of the evolving freight market. Within the FELIX platform, benchmarking is made actionable by identifying carriers of best fit and enabling shippers to initiate new partnerships to service their freight.

The Industry's Most Actionable Linehaul Rate Benchmarking

CapacID, Breakthrough’s strategic benchmarking offering, analyzes factors that influence market pricing across transportation networks. Using a robust dataset of real-time contract rates and partnership-specific parameters, we recommend pricing and identify optimal partnerships that foster successful and enduring capacity contracts.

Unlike other industry solutions that provide static linehaul rates based on the supply of capacity, CapacID is powered by the dynamic demand for capacity, ensuring the most precise rate benchmarking available in the industry.

Real Time
Contract Based
Action Oriented
Network Specific

Benefits of CapacID

Identify where you are incurring cost above your peers, and where you've secured favorable rates.

Uncover lane opportunities by equipment, origin, division, carrier, mode, and more.

Take action by initiating partnerships with recommended carriers and market-based pricing.

CapacID in FELIX

CapacID is available in the FELIX platform, powered by the transportation industry's most powerful database and accompanied by advanced visualizations.

Make Your Benchmarking Actionable

Drive efficiency into your rate benchmarking practices and take a step toward a more informed freight strategy. Contact us to learn more about using FELIX to determine accurate linehaul rates and optimal partners for your transportation network.