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2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Mercury Group event. The Mercury Group came to be because of a few Breakthrough®Fuel team members and our early clients recognized the value of generating insightful knowledge and the thoughtful dissemination of it through meaningful discussion.   We believed the best way to advance the transportation energy industry is to leverage the experience and expertise of our clients and our team. Our clients prove that they are forward-thinking, willing to take risks, and value innovation each day through the development of leading fuel management strategies.

The Beginning of a Movement

Collectively, our clients were ready to move the transportation fuel market forward. In 2008, we believed in two things: we wanted to be an industry leader and we wanted to create positive change through knowledge and transparency. The traditional processes through which shippers reimburse carriers for fuel had been, and is still today, stagnant for well over 30 years. It was time to change the way shippers manage fuel and unlock more advanced transportation management strategies along the way.

Thus, we created the Mercury Group. We couldn’t think of any better way to advance the conversation surrounding relevant market topics than to call upon some of the most progressive thought leaders we knew, which were our clients.

The first Mercury Group consisted of nine Breakthrough®Fuel team members and seven client organizations gathered in a hotel conference room. It was in this space that the foundation was laid for the future success of the Mercury Group. Since then, the Mercury Group has outgrown multiple spaces and exponentially increased attendance year-over-year. Our mission, however, remains rooted in the same goals.

Historically our mission was to reduce the cost, consumption, and emissions associated with the energy that moves your goods to market. This year we are excited to unveil our expanded mission to include our recently established supply chain capabilities. Look for an update on the blog after the Mercury Group to learn morea bout this. We commit to accomplishing our expanded mission in the same way as the Mercury Group always has, by collectively sharing industry experience, developing best practices, initiating new ideas to advance data-based transportation management create future opportunities.

Moving Forward

Beyond the Mercury Group, Breakthrough® continues to focus on bringing transparency to transportation.  We challenge the status quo by focusing on value for our clients and driving what is next. As the world strives further toward digitization, innovation, and disruption, so do our solutions. We care deeply about our client experience and know that to stay relevant and valuable, we too must think of the future. Technology is fundamentally changing how we move freight to market, and fuel strategies will undergo a transformation in the next few years. It is a huge opportunity to drive change in the marketplace, Breakthrough®Fuel is backed by the data, knowledge and insights to facilitate this change.

We hope that you will join us August 6-8 in downtown Chicago at the Loews Hotel for the tenth annual Mercury Group. The Breakthrough®Fuel team has the latest information on best practices, industry benchmarks, and data-driven analytics to advance your strategies ready to share with all of our attendees. You, as organization leaders, have the vision, the knowledge, and the experience to help us pave the way into the future. As always, I ask you to stay engaged to help us shape the future of the transportation market, and I look forward to another productive and energizing Mercury Group event.

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