Watch Our Video: Experience a True Breakthrough in Your Supply Chain

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Experience a True Breakthrough® in Your Supply Chain from Breakthrough Fuel on Vimeo.

Our new video provides insight into our mission, including how Breakthrough®Fuel got started and how we strive to serve our clients by creating strategic roadmaps designed to reduce costs, consumption, and emissions.

Moving from Average Transportation Fuel Costs to Actual

Major shippers across the country are realizing the inefficiency and inaccuracy of paying a diesel fuel surcharge based on averages from the Department of Energy (DOE) Index. Breakthrough®Fuel provides the first-and-only alternative to accurately reimburse your network of carriers based on actuals, not averages. It’s a system that’s fair for everyone involved.

Our custom solutions are based on real-time data including prices, time, geography and state taxes. You’ll learn more about that in the video as well as how we provide additional value by passing along important industry news and knowledge to our clients that support informed decision-making.

In this three-minute video, you’ll hear from:

  • Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Craig Dickman
  • President, Doug Mueller
  • VP of Fuel Recovery, Jenny Vander Zanden
  • VP of Breakthrough®Experience, Heather Mueller
  • VP of Advisory Services, Daniel Cullen

After removing distortion and bringing transparency to the process, revealing the true cost of moving goods to market, Breakthrough®Fuel clients reduce their average transportation fuel costs by 20-30 percent.

Contact Breakthrough®Fuel to find out how we can work with your organization to implement solutions, such as Fuel Recovery, that advance your supply chain.

Take Control of Your Transportation Network.

Remove distorted transportation practices and reveal data-driven insights with FELIX.

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