Value of a Breakthrough Onsite Analyst | FAQ with Derek

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Ask the Experts! Read about the benefit of having a dedicated Breakthrough®Fuel team member onsite, working directly with your transportation team. 


Q. What role does an onsite analyst play in a client’s day-to-day experience?

A. Much like the role of a Breakthrough®Client Account Manager, an onsite analyst will be your primary point of contact for day-to-day operational needs. This person is your liaison to the entire team of energy experts and will help manage each aspect of your Breakthrough® services to ensure that data is flowing smoothly.

An onsite analyst is completely focused on your team’s strategy and goals. The needs of your program are always top of mind and can be addressed with near-immediacy. This productivity elevates your experience and information flow to match the on-demand pace of the industry.

Q. What role does an onsite analyst play in driving forward a client’s strategic initiatives?

A. All your onsite analyst’s time is dedicated to one strategic pillar—advancing your transportation and procurement strategy. Onsite analysts are uniquely positioned to provide solutions beyond Breakthrough®‘s basic service offerings by utilizing the nuances in your network. They spend much of their time mining through your organization’s strategic principles, goals, and network realities to find new opportunities to add value and make your data work for you.

Q. Compared to a typical account manager experience, what additional functions does an onsite analyst perform on a client’s behalf?

A. An onsite analyst is truly an extension of your team. They sit amongst your transportation or procurement department and become an active member of a greater strategy. They listen to where your team wants to take your transportation network and they support the process of getting there. Breakthrough® strives to remain at the forefront of the industry, and innovation is always client-centric. Once a need is identified in your operations, your onsite analyst will make change real and work with the Breakthrough®Fuel team at corporate headquarters to find a solution. “We’ll figure it out” is one of our core values, and we are dedicated to living that out on the ground with our clients.

Q. What factors should a client consider when deciding if a Breakthrough® onsite analyst is right for their strategy?

A. Each client has unique culture and strategy needs that a Breakthrough® onsite analyst’s role can be tailored to meet. Large, dynamic transportation organizations that are committed to implementing new and innovative solutions to gain competitive advantage in the industry benefit greatly from an onsite analyst. At Breakthrough® we are committed to every client we service, treating them as if they are a “client of one,” and having an onsite analyst is yet another manifestation of that commitment and can be tailored to any client’s needs.

Read more about Breakthrough®Fuel services on our solutions page. For information about how you can implement an industry leading transportation energy management strategy, you can contact one of our industry experts!

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