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As states continue to rally around the Paris Climate Agreement and gain momentum in Washington, biofuel proposals come under scrutiny. Efficiency in the freight market shows promise with new intermodal innovation and the potential to expand hydrogen technology opportunities for heavy duty trucks. Keystone XL pipeline opponents face a stiff challenge in final hearings. Read more below.

Thirteen  States and Puerto Rico Form an Alliance to Uphold the Paris Agreement

Directly following President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement early this summer, California, New York, and Washington State founded the United States Climate Alliance. Today, the alliance boasts thirteen states and Puerto Rico in a coalition to sustain the fight against climate change. Accounting for more than 33 percent of the US population—$7.16 Trillion of the national GDP—what was once a smattering of states speaking out is now a major player joining international voices in the environmental movement.

Efforts of the United States Climate Alliance are starting to show signs of political success as Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency chief appointed by President Trump, decided to forgo the delay of Obama-era ground-level ozone regulations. The original regulation made carbon-emitting factories, vehicles, and power plants more accountable to cleaning up pollutants emitted during operations, thus reducing smog related health risks, breathing problems, and premature death.

Historical instances of push-back litigation stagnated ozone policy change, but this recent success reinstated optimism among environmental advocates—keeping visions of a cleaner future at the forefront of the Alliance’s priorities.

In Other News


FreightWaves – Dutch Company Hopes Foldable Containers End Intermodal Inefficiency

On average, 20% of the containers transported by sea and 40% of those transported by land are empty, according to Holland Container Innovations (HCI). HCI hopes to change that with 40-foot-high steel shipping containers that can be folded when empty, potentially reducing operational costs by 25% and harmful CO2 emissions caused by empty box repositioning by 44 million tons per year.


NGT News – Hexagon Composites Uses Hydrogen Tech in Heavy-Duty Truck Applications

Hexagon Composites’ subsidiary xperion Energy & Environment has been nominated to supply high-pressure cylinders for hydrogen-powered trucks owned and operated by ASKO, Norway’s largest grocery wholesaler.

Argus – Feds to reject US biofuel mandate change: sources

Regulators may soon reject proposals by some US refiners to shift obligations under federal blending mandates to large fuel blenders, according to sources familiar with the decision.


Reuters – Nebraska regulators block testimony ahead of Keystone XL hearings

Nebraska regulators weighting the fate of TransCanada Corp’s (TRP.TO) proposed Keystone XL pipeline have ruled that opponents of the project cannot use one of their best arguments against it in final hearings next week: that America does not need the oil.

CCJ – FMCSA formally withdraws sleep apnea screening rule

A rule making meant to establish criteria and processes for instituting sleep apnea requirements for truck operators will officially be withdrawn on Monday, according to a notice issued Friday by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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