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Last week new details surrounding the Tesla Semi were released. Unrest in Venezuela results in new corruption-related arrests, while Keystone cleanup commences in the wake of the recent leak. Blockchain remains top of mind as promises made by Maersk begin to make operational use of the technology more of a reality.

More Details Released on the Tesla Semi

The unveiling of the Tesla Semi was met with tremendous excitement, but critics of the event felt too many important details were left unaddressed.  Arguably the largest of these details – the upfront cost of the vehicle – took only one week to answer.  Tesla’s website recently listed the expected retail prices for the Tesla Semi at $150,000 for the 300-mile range model,  $180,000 for a 500-mile version, and a limited edition “Founders Series” with top vehicle specs for $200,000.  These price points make the Tesla Semi roughly half the cost of current all-electric truck offerings and are far more competitive to diesel tractors than most anticipated.  Such a low price point is sure to create very narrow margins for Tesla with some speculating that the company will sell the first wave of their vehicles for a loss as they work to scale up production.  The buzz around the Tesla Semi has also created strong interest in the trucking world, as JB Hunt and Wal-Mart join the list of companies with reserves on the vehicle.

In Other News


FreightWaves: Crossing Borders – Blockchain’s Role in Smoothing Trade

Blockchain in its capacity has the potential to help all of the documents and paperwork – not to mention freight – involved in a trade deal flow more easily across borders. Industry players like Maersk are quickly adopting blockchain to improve their efficiency; Maersk plans to be ready to move 10 million of its 70 million container shipments through blockchain by the end of this year.


NGT News: Renewable Diesel Maker Neste Lines Up Four Calif. Distributors

Houston-based Neste US Inc. has announced exclusive partnerships with four fuel distributors in California to provide public and private fleets access to Neste MY Renewable Diesel.


Argus Media: Citgo detainees betrayed Venezuela: prosecutor

Six senior Citgo executives arrested in Caracas yesterday for alleged corruption were actually detained for committing treason against Venezuela, acting attorney general Tarek Saab said today.  Acting Citgo chief executive Jose Pereira and five other company executives detained at the headquarters of Citgo’s Venezuelan state-owned parent company PdV were “cooperating” with the US against Venezuela, Saab told state-owned VTV television.


Reuters: U.S. crude tops two-year high as Keystone outage hits supply

U.S. oil prices hit their highest levels in more than two years on Friday after the continued shutdown of a pipeline running from Canada to the United States was expected to reduce supply into a major storage facility.

Freight Waves: Tesla releases Semi price and increases deposit cost to $20,000

There has been a substantial amount of criticism about the lack of pricing information on the up-coming Tesla electric truck. Tesla changed this over the past 24 hours. On a newly released version of the Tesla Semi page, the vehicle is listed at $150,000 for a 300 mile version, $180,000 for a 500 mile version, and $200,000 if you want a limited production “Founders Series” model, which is limited to the first 1000 vehicles.


WSJ: Keystone Cleanup Recovers 44,000 Gallons of Oil

Crews cleaning up a large spill on the Keystone Pipeline in northeastern South Dakota have recovered 44,000 gallons of oil as of Thursday, TransCanada Corp said.

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