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Breakthrough has worked with Conagra Brands for nearly a decade, creating one of the industry’s leading comprehensive fuel management strategy. Together, they have leveraged real-time, lane-level fuel pricing date to reduce the cost, consumption, and emissions in Conagra’s supply chain. Conagra has a demonstrated history of seeking innovative, data-centric solutions to drive their strategy.

See how Conagra Brands reduced costs with Fuel Recovery:


Breakthrough keeps shippers at the forefront of their industry with a commitment to innovate and bring new solutions to clients every fourteen months. As technology, policy, regulations, and market dynamics continually change, Conagra can be confident they are staying on the leading edge of transportation and supply chain management with Breakthrough by their side.

“You trust them emphatically, because of the sheer amount of information we give them and things that they have at their fingertips. They’re the kind of partner you want to have” Brian Stoufer, Sr. Director of Transportation.

With trust comes fairness, and with fairness comes accuracy – resulting in savings for your organization.

Turning Data into Actionable Insights.

As transportation energy market advisors, Breakthrough pairs industry expertise with lane-level data to translate changes in the market into concrete, actionable strategies—which results in significant savings. With industry data and important benchmarks at their fingertips, Conagra has visibility into strategic trends in the marketplace, creating a competitive advantage as they look to their own transportation network.

“Because our process captures real-time, lane-level data, our clients are confident that we deliver a comprehensive picture of how they fit into the market in a way that drives results,” says Doug Mueller, President at Breakthrough. “Working with smart and committed partners like Conagra, who are eager to collaborate on strategic initiatives, amplifies the value that Breakthrough provides.”

Work with a partner you can trust to bring your supply chain to the next level. Breakthrough is the expert in managing the energy and information that fuels the movement of goods globally. Supporting 5 billion miles of transportation, and managing approximately 700 million gallons of fuel annually in more than 47 countries, makes us the trusted transportation energy advisor worldwide.

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Take Control of Your Transportation Network.

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