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Nikola Sues Tesla on Infringement

Nikola Motor Company filed a lawsuit against Tesla Inc. on infringement of class 8 truck patents.  The lawsuit highlights that Tesla violates Nikola’s patents for the trucks fuselage design, mid-entry door, and wrap-around windshield.  The damages are claimed to be more than $2 billion by driving sales from Nikola to Tesla and causing confusion towards this corner of the market.  Nikola also claimed that Tesla is decreasing the ability to attract investors and partners.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, just one day before it was released that Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev) pre-ordered 800 Nikola One Class 8 heavy duty trucks.  These trucks are powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology, whereas Tesla’s class 8 truck is fully electric.  The deal is the largest purchase of hydrogen fuel cell trucks to date.  AB InBev plans to replace their entire dedicated long-haul truck fleet with zero emissions vehicles.  The agreement begins in 2020 when Nikola will start delivering trucks to roll into the fleet.  AB InBev will also be receiving an undisclosed amount for testing in 2019.  Nikola will have to deliver the entire fleet by 2025.

Marathon Petroleum to Buy Andeavor

Marathon Petroleum agreed to buy Andeavor, making them the largest oil refiner in the U.S. on a deal worth $23.3 billion.  With the shale boom and demand in both the U.S. and Latin America, this deal gives Marathon a leg up against not only U.S. refiners, but foreign competitors as well.  With this acquisition, Marathon will produce over 3mmbd of refined products surpassing Valero, who is producing just over 2mmbd.  Additionally, Andeavor’s access to the California ports will help Marathon’s prominent Gulf Coast business to sell lower-sulfur ship fuel.

In Other News


Bloomberg: Marathon Petroleum to Buy Andeavor in Biggest Oil Refining Deal

Marathon Petroleum Corp. agreed to buy rival Andeavor for $23.3 billion in the biggest-ever deal for an oil refiner that would create the largest independent fuel maker in the U.S.  Also see, WSJ

WSJ: Freight Railroads Get Boost from Tight Trucking Markets

Freight railroads are capitalizing on a historically tight trucking market as companies move more shipments from highways to rails.


Bloomberg: Big Oil Shareholders Show They Want More Than Just Profit

Big Oil’s investors took a bruising for nearly three years as oil prices bumped along decade lows. Now they want payback.  They’re willing to punish companies that don’t meet their standards, and their standards are awfully high. On their wish list: immediate returns, spending discipline, and, at the same time, more production.


Commercial Carrier Journal: Nikola suing Tesla over tractor design patent infringement claims

Nikola Motor Company filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Tesla Inc., alleging the electric-car company infringed on several of its Class 8 truck design patents. Also see, The Verge

CARB: California surpasses $1.2 billion-dollar mark for investments in state’s zero-emission future

California officials announced today at the 2018 ACT Expo in Long Beach that to date the state had pumped more than $1.2 billion into projects that put a growing number of zero-emission and low-carbon buses, trucks and cars onto California’s roads and highways.

Carrier Commercial Journal: New NACFE report makes 10 arguments for, against electric trucks

Battery weight, range, vehicle weight, fluid weight, charging speeds, infrastructure, electricity pricing…commercial electric vehicles are attracting more fleets but also generating a lot of questions.

5/3 Anheuser-Busch Makes Record Order of 800 Nikola Fuel Cell Trucks

Beer giant Anheuser-Busch ordered up to 800 of Nikola Motor Co.’s semi-trucks in the largest single deal on record for heavy-duty delivery trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

WSJ: Freight Demand Pushes Truck-Order Backlog to Near Record Level

Freight-hauling firms slowed their roll in ordering new trucks last month, as backlogs at equipment factories spiked following record demand for new vehicles in the first quarter.


JOC: US retailer group blasts LA-LB PierPass flat fee proposal

Retail importers are rejecting a proposed flat fee for all loaded container moves both day and night at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, saying it will reduce competition.  While PierPass defends the extended-gate program, countering most stakeholders back the proposal.

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