Confidence Through Data | Client Success Story

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Transparency in transportation data is leading innovation in the industry. Now, more than ever before, shippers are seeking visibility into their transportation network data to discover new opportunities for their supply chain. But how does having visibility into accurate lane-level data actually create value for shippers? Once you see opportunity for change, how can you make it real?

Make your data work for you.

Learn how Kellogg’s leveraged Breakthrough’s data to optimize their supply chain:


Fuel hedging has been a long-time component of Kellogg’s strategy. After implementing with Breakthrough, the data from Fuel Recovery gave Kellogg’s the confidence to accurately and successfully hedge their fuel spend.

Understanding their specific freight characteristics has allowed Kellogg’s to increase of fuel efficiency parameters and reduce cost, consumption, and emissions year-over-year.

Are you ready to make strategic decisions with confidence, based on real-time data that accounts for the tax, time, price, and geography of the fuel you consume? Let’s get moving.


Take Control of Your Transportation Network.

Remove distorted transportation practices and reveal data-driven insights with FELIX.

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