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Nestlé in the USA stands by transparency and fairness in their partnerships. That, combined with immediate and measurable return on investment, is why their relationship with Breakthrough®Fuel is a “no brainer.” Together, Nestlé in the USA and Breakthrough®Fuel have created a fuel management strategy that reduces the cost, consumption, and emissions of the fuel that moves their goods to market.

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Partnering with suppliers that align with your corporate values is important to foster trust and innovation. Because of Breakthrough®Fuel’s commitment to accuracy and fairness in shipper and carrier relationships, Nestlé in the USA’s experience with the energy management company has been valuable in advancing their supply chain. Beyond reducing bottom line transportation fuel costs, Breakthrough® brings transparency to their shipment-level supply chain data. This visibility allows Nestle to make informed strategic decisions based on the full scope of their network.

Nestlé in the USA honored Breakthrough®Fuel with their Supplier of the Year Award for their contributions to the food and beverage company’s energy management strategy. The two companies developed the Go Forward Fuel Strategy which allowed Nestlé in the USA to reduce their costs and annual CO2 emissions by an estimated 34.1 million kilograms.

“We are delighted to have a successful relationship with Nestle for the past four years, and are proud to have won their Supplier of the Year award in 2017,” says Doug Mueller, President at Breakthrough®Fuel. “Working with Jennifer and her team to bring new value to their company is something we look forward to continuing. Breakthrough® is grateful to have partners, like Nestle, that are committed to innovation and thought leadership in the industry.”

Using clear and accurate data, and the transparency created by Breakthrough®Fuel, Nestlé in the USA fully understands the cost components that make up their transportation fuel spend. This level of insight into their transportation network facilitates open communication with their carriers, ensuring fair and equitable exchanges for both the shipper and carrier. Everyone benefits from a Fuel Recovery program.

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