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After a busy week in industry news, trucking standards are shifting while new technology both in equipment and logistics continues to evolve. American politics make strides in cap-and-trade approval, and the Trump Administration moves to take a stance against Venezuelan regime with an oil embargo. OPEC continues its fight against overproduction of crude, capping Nigerian output. In Mexico, truckers take a stand against cargo theft as robberies continue to surge after several years of increased prevalence throughout the country.

Britain to Ban New Diesel and Gas Cars by 2040

The UK has joined a growing list of European countries by setting a ban for new diesel and gasoline cars. Britain’s plans echo those announced by France earlier this month as part of a global appeal to curb emissions and fight climate change.

Additionally, European leaders are under pressure to end diesel fuel tax subsidies throughout Europe, to move away from indirectly incentivizing dirtier fuel types.

Diesel engines spew less carbon dioxide, making these vehicles appealing in relation to climate action and reducing greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Yet this solution falls short as diesel engines produce more nitrogen oxides—a family of gases that cause asthma and are responsible for the smog that sometimes blankets London and other major cities. To reduce the impacts of combustion vehicles on health and the environment, a full transition to electric vehicles is necessary in the long run, and Britain shows progress with this new plan.


In Other News


LA Times – California lawmakers approve cap-and-trade extension

In a rare bipartisan effort, state lawmakers approved a 10-year extension for California’s cap-and-trade program. The program requires companies to buy permits to account for released greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation approved on Monday, Assembly Bill 398, will continue the program until 2030 and is a significant step towards state Republican support for environmental policy.


Transport Topics – Electronic Stability Control: A New Standard for Trucking Industry

All new Classes 7-8 tractors sold on or after Aug. 1 must be equipped with electronic stability control, which means that more fleets will need to understand how those systems work and how to maintain them.

Reuters – OPEC moves to cap Nigerian oil output, boost compliance

OPEC moved on Monday to cap Nigerian oil output and called on several members to boost compliance with production cuts to help clear excessive global stocks and support flagging prices

CCJ – Nikola updates ‘all wheel drive’ Nikola One tractor

Nikola says the hydrogen fuel cell powered truck will feature a 6×4 configuration that is compatible with dual or super single tires. The steer axle, Nikola says, will feature a nearly 60 degree turning radius.


The Verge – On-demand trucking app Convoy doesn’t want to be the ‘Uber for trucking’ anymore

The scrappy startup announced yesterday that it has raised $62 million in its Series B fundraising, led by the venture capital fund of Silicon Valley-based incubator Y Combinator—an important step forward in this now competitive landscape.


The New York Times – Wider US Sanctions on Venezuela Risk Biting Both Countries

The Trump Administration’s move to impose sanctions on those closest to the Maduro regime may be the start of several rounds of economic sanctions against the Venezuelan leader. Venezuelan oil accounts for about 10 percent of American imports, so an embargo would likely devastate the Venezuelan economy, but would also send an economic ripple effect to American fuel stations.

CCJ – Bill to Delay ELD Mandate Likely Non-Starter in Congress

The American Trucking Associations is adamant the bill does not have the necessary support in Congress to be enacted, despite the 21 co-sponsors who have signed on the the ELD delay bill introduced last week by Rep. Brian Babin (R-Texas).


JOC – Mexican Truckers Plead for Crackdown on Cargo Theft Surge

Mexican trucking companies are urging lawmakers to stiffen penalties against cargo theft. Mexico’s National Chamber of Cargo Transporters expects the number of highway freight robberies to top 2,400—a 37 percent increase over the figure for 2016. That followed a 60 percent increase to 1,590 in 2016 the organization said.

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