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Breakthrough Core Values | We’ll Figure It Out


Sarah Krier
August 24, 2018


Our Core Values

When charting a strategic path forward for your organization, it is critical to possess both a clear mission and a set of core guiding values. Often these two items are considered separately. The mission is the destination, or the “why,” while core values provide the vehicle to get there, or the “how.”

At Breakthrough however, we view core values as both our vehicle and our destination. These six principles we abide by imbue everything we do—from hiring new team members, to developing fuel strategies for clients, to extracting meaningful insights from our data. They not only represent the intentions behind our past successes, but also pave the way for new ideas and innovation. Clearly defined and intentionally designed, they are useful in every part of the Breakthrough experience.

Our core values hold deep meaning for our team, the work we do, and the organization we represent. While they inform the solutions we provide, they also offer insight into how to effectively inspire, challenge, and elevate your organization. With them, we make change real to create a competitive advantage for each of our unique clients, collectively working through challenges and channeling expertise from industry leaders.

We’ll Figure it Out

In particular, the core value We’ll Figure It Out embodies the spirit of flexible problem solving. Although a challenge may initially seem difficult, with flexibility of thought and process it can instead become an opportunity to innovate, inspiring dynamic collaborations and creative solutions. Because we treat these challenges as opportunities to pioneer and create new value for clients, it is impossible not to hear “we’ll figure it out” echoing through our team spaces on any given day.

We are very confident in this ability to be flexible, allowing us to rapidly adapt to change and develop smarter strategies to give us and our clients a competitive advantage in the industry. This is especially true for our Client Implementation team, who works to ensure that clients, their TMS systems, and Breakthrough capabilities align for seamless implementation of our service offerings.

Our Client Implementation Team

Led by Hannah Lehman, Director of Client Value Creation, and Luke Potts, Implementation Technical Lead, this team lives out the spirit of We’ll Figure It Out daily. They are the nexus between people and data from prospective clients, TMS providers, payment providers, and Breakthrough’s technology teams.

Figuring out the intrinsic dynamics of a new role offers an exciting and rewarding new challenge.  With diverse background skillsets to apply to the implementation process, both Lehman and Potts started figuring it out for clients from their very first days on the job.

With a strong attention to detail and expertise in following the numbers to ensure financial system accuracy, Lehman was excited to channel this proficiency while also learning and realizing the technological side of Breakthrough’s business.  “I am a CPA by trade and was an auditor for Breakthrough before joining the team full time,” says Lehman. “Once I started, I got to learn the technological side of implementation in addition to the financial one.”

For Potts, who had been on an internally-focused technology team at Breakthrough before joining the implementation team, this transition created opportunities for him to apply his technical expertise in a dynamic and client-focused arena. “I started in a technical support role at Breakthrough,” he says, “and then transitioned to the implementation team, learning and figuring out the dynamic nature of each specific implementation and how I could most effectively apply my technical experience to them.”

Flexibility in Implementation

To understand the flexible mindset required for implementation, it is first important to understand its process. Beginning with an onboarding conversation, Breakthrough and the new client sit down to develop a set of goals and a communication strategy to drive successful data acquisition.

“We start from scratch and find out what works best for shippers, taking on as much of the complexity of implementation as possible,” says Lehman. Our technology and implementation teams know the intricacies of the process, can see possible challenges, and respond to them appropriately. Lehman believes this truly sets us apart. “Because Breakthrough is flexible and nimble, we are always ready to make the process as easy as possible for shippers,” she says.

From there, the implementation team works to ensure that the client, their TMS system, and Breakthrough’s data platforms all connect properly, creating a test environment before Fuel Recovery goes live. Once it does, the team continues to monitor the system, communicating regularly to keep the client tuned in to the technical successes of implementation.

Different Pathways, Same Speed to Value

No two client implementations look the same. According to Potts, systems can encounter different challenges and can have drastically different goals. “While the end solution is always the same,” he says, “the path there could be a one-way road, a two-way road, and sometimes there’s a two-way road with any number of roadblocks to work around. We work through these idiosyncrasies so that clients don’t have to.”  Breakthrough ensures that every client’s unique needs are being met.

The Breakthrough team can also be flexible on speed. “We can get you to full implementation as fast as you need us to,” explains Lehman, “all you have to do is say ‘yes.’ Once we get you implemented, clients immediately start seeing savings after their first movement.”

Additionally, a necessity to ensure a rapid and successful implementation on the client side is an internal advocate who will provide us with the resources and data we need. Speed to value is in the hands of the client—a rare perk for early movers.

Implementation is only the first instance our clients watch us figure it out. We approach every situation confident in our ability to find solutions, which has been evident throughout our history as we consistently unroll new solutions, employ more complete data, and provide deeper insights into shippers’ supply chain strategies.

To begin seeing savings with Fuel Recovery, contact us. You can also read more here about how to implement our solutions.