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The Right Solution Shouldn’t Wait

In the transportation industry, much of the market’s natural rhythm is dictated by bid cycles. Changes to carrier contracts, pricing structures, and corporate strategy occur during a bid event, then lay dormant until the next RFP.

This allegiance to regularly scheduled events is limiting for agile shippers because innovation doesn’t adhere to a schedule. Technology adoption in the marketplace is ongoing. Industry advancements are happening all the time. Capacity is changing, fuel markets fluctuate daily. When opportunity knocks, shippers need to be ready to answer at a moment’s notice to move forward – with or without their RFP.

When implementing Fuel Recovery services you have two options to operationalize your transition—wait for an RFP event to roll out changes to a new carrier base, or convert existing contracts whenever your organization chooses. With the right strategic plan, shippers never have to wait to gain a competitive advantage. We can implement a market-leading Fuel Recovery program at any time, making shippers’ speed to value faster than most industry standards.

Once properly aligned to the tenets of Fuel Recovery, shippers can choose the most opportune time to implement their program. For shippers ready to start saving immediately, we can start the conversion process as soon as possible, and move as fast as a client wishes.

Your Breakthrough team becomes an extension of your organization, operating on your behalf and creating an agile change management plan that is specific to your company’s needs. We adapt our communication strategy based on your carrier base, preferred timeline, leadership principles, and overarching corporate strategy. Communicating your new fuel program with carriers can happen all at once, in waves, by region, or otherwise. Having strong leadership and advocacy within your organization elevates the quality and effectiveness of our planned strategy, but Breakthrough ultimately Supports your team with change management materials and analytics to support the conversion process

While many shippers worry about whether carriers will support these sudden changes to their fuel program, historically we see that acceptance is high when communication is thoughtful and strategic. The reality is that the vast majority of a new Breakthrough client’s carriers are already receiving Fuel Recovery reimbursements from other shippers.

How do you decide whether to wait or make change real now?

Three reasons to implement Fuel Recovery through a conversion:

No Time Constraints

Unlike other strategic changes, you’re not time-bound when making the switch to Fuel Recovery. Some organizations have annual RFPs, but others may not reevaluate their bid strategy and results for several years. The timing of these events may be part of a greater strategic plan, but oftentimes these are dictated primarily by tradition and habit. When savings can total more than several million dollars per year, waiting to make the switch shouldn’t wait until a standard RFP rolls around.

Innovation waits for no one, and you can bring your organization to the leading edge of the industry at any time. Having the flexibility to find the most opportune time frame for your company to adopt a new way of doing business allows you to be intuitive and accommodating to both your internal team and your carrier base

Increased Speed to Value

With Fuel Recovery, savings start on the first movement of the first day—the sooner you start, the sooner you save. Depending on your volume, ROI can start as early as two weeks into the program, therefore you stand to greatly increase your speed to value when you opt to convert. When projects sit back on a shelf for several months, or even years, waiting for the next RFP, it can be difficult to reengage old conversations and mobilize.

With savvy shippers who feel confident in their decision to adopt Fuel Recovery, we have seen implementations as fast as five weeks from the day they say “yes.” In as little as five weeks you can completely revolutionize the way you calculate and reimburse for fuel in your supply chain and ultimately save millions.

Customized Change Management

At Breakthrough, we believe in treating every client as a Client of One. We adhere to your way of doing business so that change management on your side is minimal. We never require clients to change bid cycles, data cadences, or strategy. We are an active and integral strategic partner that helps to direct new initiatives for your business intuitively.

Ultimately, the process of implementing Fuel Recovery through an RFP and via Conversion is the same. We sign contracts, create a strategic roadmap, connect, and communicate with carriers.

Breakthrough is dedicated to facilitating agile change management with our clients. We believe fairness and accuracy in fuel reimbursements don’t need to wait until the next RFP. Both carriers and shippers benefit from transparency into real-time, shipment level data.

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