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What is OPEC? | An Overview and Implications on Crude Oil

  In international news, crude oil is often a central tenet of headlines and discussions due to its ubiquitous...

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OPEC’s Changing Role in Global Price Dynamics

Crude oil is the most widely traded commodity in the world, primarily because of its use to create a...

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Diesel Markets Drop Like a Rock, Indices Fall Like a Feather

How Do Diesel Fuel Prices Respond to Change in the Market? A Tale of Two Prices On a global...

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An Agile Supply Chain May Begin with Fuel Management

In today’s supply chains, industry professionals see agility as the core value of modern networks. We have collectively amassed...

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Intermodal Shipping | Benefits for Today and Opportunities for the Future

As shippers look for ways to navigate mounting transportation challenges, the adoption of intermodal shipping strategies continues to rise....

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Break the Cycle | Implementation via Conversion

The Right Solution Shouldn’t Wait In the transportation industry, much of the market’s natural rhythm is dictated by bid...

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