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Leveraging Transportation Data for Broader Market Views | The Mercury Group

The transportation and supply chain industries are operating in a time when unprecedented volumes of data and information are...

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US-China Trade War | Tariffs Continue to Impact Supply Chains

Last we updated our commentary on tariffs the US and China were on a tentative truce with minimal duties...

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2018 Year in Review | Economic Drivers for Transportation and Supply Chain

As 2019 begins, we are taking a look back at 2018 to identify key events from the past that...

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Markets Respond to US-China Trade Uncertainty

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping partook in a much-anticipated dinner last Saturday, December 1, to...

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Tariffs & The Impact on the Supply Chain | What We Know and What to Expect

Regardless of industry, shippers cannot avoid the topic of tariffs. Recent economic policies and changes in Washington have left...

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