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The annual Mercury Group event has been challenging clients to think differently about their transportation strategies for over a decade by introducing novel concepts, exploring new trends, and focusing on innovative ideas in an industry often reluctant to change.

While dedicated to bringing clients the next big idea, we also strive to find a balance by keeping our discussions and content aligned to Breakthrough’s DNA with a data-based approach. Over the past ten years, we have seen a dichotomy of new and old begin to take shape at the Mercury Group most prevalently during our benchmarking discussions.

Benchmarking has been central to the Mercury Group —and will remain a staple at the 2019 event. Its consistent ability to deliver actionable insights and unique perspectives to traditional benchmarking practices for over a decade keeps this a favorite session among attendees. Industry benchmarking has the potential to provide great value to shippers’ long-term strategies, but traditional applications of benchmarking information are often less impactful than it could be. Shippers tend to find themselves in a reactionary state—to fuel prices, capacity, technological advances—rather than proactively anticipating and planning for challenges and opportunities in the marketplace.

The annual benchmarking report at the Mercury Group moves shippers from a position of making guesses to enabling choices—with a robust and comprehensive dataset in their toolkit. Clients have the ability to compare, predict, and prepare for changes that will impact their networks. We use our network data to advance information and develop shipper knowledge to bring strategic choices to life. With a focus on collaboration, we encourage Mercury Group participants to share challenges they have overcome and opportunities they created to facilitate conversations for peer-based learning.  As our clients face similar challenges—and successes—shippers can determine if it is beneficial to align with their peers, or if their network intricacies warrant a deviation from the norm.

Deepening our clients’ understanding of what their peers are doing and apply trends to their specific networks is imperative to making informed, data-driven decisions. Shippers can localize themselves within a rapidly changing industry while also gaining a broader market view that utilizes the 45,000+ shipments a day that we process. This broader view can help guide strategy and help shippers understand the value of their lanes and their shipments in the context of the greater transportation landscape.

We lean on our clients’ shared experiences, collectively assembling one of the most powerful transportation thinktanks in the industry. By examining historical data in the context of current trends we continue to push towards a future that leverages data beyond the numbers at face-value—we bring meaningful context and action.

As Breakthrough helps our clients plan for their 2020 strategies, this is an opportune time to make these important choices. It is common for shippers to walk away from the Mercury Group event with several tangible outcomes that they will act upon when developing their upcoming strategy.

For more information about our Mercury Group Event, or to learn about joining our group of industry-leading clients, contact us.

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