Allergic to the Status Quo | Client Success Story

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Ten years ago, Breakthrough®Fuel and Essity (formerly SCA) partnered to bring transparency and continuous improvement to Essity’s supply chain. As an early adopter of several market disrupting solutions provided by Breakthrough®, Essity has since built their processes out into a more comprehensive and continuous fuel management strategy.

See the value Breakthrough®Fuel brought to Essity’s supply chain:

Constant innovation. That’s what a ten-year partnership can accomplish. Essity has seen ten years of reduced cost, consumption, and emissions in their transportation network, and the value doesn’t stop there.

Craig Dickman, Chairman & CEO at Breakthrough®Fuel says, “Essity has shown dedication to finding new value and sustainability in their supply chain throughout our ten-year partnership. They have actively innovated year over year and are committed to being on the leading edge of this industry.”

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