November Breakthrough Advisor Preview | Refinery Maintenance Season

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November advisor previewThe Breakthrough®Fuel Applied Knowledge team is assembling all the information you need for the second to last Breakthrough®Advisor publication of 2017. Clients should watch their email inboxes for the latest updates on transportation fuel markets and our forecast for the weeks ahead.

Here’s a preview of what else you’ll find in November’s edition:

Refinery Maintenance – Tis the Season

Since the beginning of September, refinery utilization rates continued to be down. While most operations in the Gulf Coast are back up and running following the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, we’ve now entered the fall refinery maintenance season.

The U.S. market is moving from the unexpected disruption of a storm into a planned, seasonal disruption. How will the transition from hurricane recovery into refinery maintenance impact the price of diesel? From a geographic standpoint, there’s one region in the U.S. that is being affected more than others. We’ll tell you where and why.

Brent Crude Rises – What about WTI?

Brent Crude, the European benchmark for oil prices, made headlines after hitting a two-year high near the end of October. How does that compare to what’s happening with the U.S. benchmark? Is West Texas Intermediate (WTI) rising at the same pace?

The Applied Knowledge team will examine how the differential between Brent and WTI is impacting U.S. exports and how it all relates to the price of fuel you’re paying to move goods to market.

Breakthrough®Fuel Keeps You Informed

From the impact of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey to geopolitical unrest and fuel tax updates such as the recent changes in California, our Applied Knowledge team goes beyond the headlines to reveal what it all means to your transportation budget.

While the full Breakthrough®Advisor is an exclusive publication for our clients, interested parties can receive a complimentary sample version. Use the form at the bottom of this page to access the Breakthrough®Advisor Brief.

In addition, Breakthrough®Fuel publishes the Global Advisor Brief: Mexico, which follows the impact of energy reform and fuel liberalization in the country. Click here for more information on receiving select portions of that publication.

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