January Breakthrough Advisor Preview | Past, Present, and Future of the Diesel Fuel Market

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advisor previewThe Applied Knowledge team at Breakthrough®Fuel is looking back and looking ahead as we begin 2018. In this edition of the Breakthrough®Advisor, we’re delivering a fresh annual forecast for the diesel market and reviewing our accuracy in 2017.

Plus, the January Advisor will cover several other important topics for shippers to consider, including taxes, pipeline disruptions overseas, and the impact of recent weather conditions on diesel prices.

Special Feature: Mexico Fuel Liberalization

One of the biggest changes for North American shippers in 2017 came with fuel liberalization in Mexico. The nation went from having one static price to daily prices changes, which are now based on supply and demand. The fuel market in Mexico became fully liberalized at the end of November.

This is a topic our team followed closely from the beginning. In January’s special feature, we’ll review the impact of Mexico’s fuel liberalization so far, and provide insights on what to expect in coming months.

Get even more on this issue with the Breakthrough®Global Advisor: Mexico.

Reflections and Predictions

The new year is a good time for retrospection and planning ahead. That’s why we’ve once again conducted an evaluation of our fuel market forecasting and produced a new forecast for 2018. The Applied Knowledge team has assessed how well our 2017 predictions held up to what happened in the diesel fuel market, and we’ll provide fresh insights on what to expect over the next 12 months.

Find out how accurate our market forecast was and get prepared for the diesel market in 2018 with the January edition of the Breakthrough®Advisor.

State Taxes, Pipeline Disruptions, and Old Man Winter

As always, we’ll be examining the potential impact of current events and seasonal changes on the price of fuel that moves your goods to market.

The start of the year is a common time for states to update fuel taxes. We’ll let you know which states made changes and how they could affect your transportation budget.

Emergency repairs forced a shutdown of the UK North Sea’s main pipeline in December. Plus, a blast along a pipeline in Libya resulted in a significant drop in crude oil output. How are these incidents impacting diesel prices? Find out in this month’s Advisor.

Closer to home … there’s no denying what season we’re in right now. Winter hit hard, and much of the U.S. was stuck in a deep freeze at the end of December and start of January. How do frigid temps impact the price of fuel? The January Breakthrough®Advisor provides an explanation. You can also gain more insights on weather and diesel fuel prices on our blog.

The Applied Knowledge team will be providing in-depth analysis of stories and statistics connected to the diesel fuel market throughout 2018. While the full Breakthrough®Advisor publication is exclusive to our clients, interested parties can receive a recent sample version for review. Use the form at the bottom of this page to get the content or visit our Knowledge Center for additional resources.

Check out our Solutions page to find out more about how Breakthrough®Fuel brings accuracy and transparency to the transportation industry.

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