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Moving Beyond Traditional Fuel Surcharges

We Believe in

Transparency fosters trust and innovation. That’s why Breakthrough®Fuel calculates the actual price of fuel paid by carriers on your specific movements each and every day, rather than a national Index. Transparency allows us to openly share who we are and how we think. It is a powerful tool that leads to deeper knowledge. We believe that everyone wins when there is clear information, clear strategies, and clear values.

We Establish

The carrier relationship is important, and it should also be fair. We ensure you pay accurate market prices and your carrier partners are reimbursed equitably.

We Remove

Our data-driven approach, industry knowledge, and unwavering passion for success keep us at the leading edge of transportation energy and data management. We create a competitive advantage in our clients’ supply chains by removing fuel cost distortion.


Creating transparency, establishing fairness, and removing distortion in the marketplace are core to who we are and what we do. These three principles are the foundation of all our service offerings and continue to drive us forward to develop new solutions for our clients. Browse through our solutions below to see what all the hype is about.

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North American & Global Fuel Management

We unbundle fuel costs from freight costs to enable our clients to accurately reimburse fuel based on date, geography, and regulatory environment so shippers have visibility into real fuel price behavior on each freight movement. We call this Fuel Recovery. It allows for fuel-related risk premiums to be removed from freight rates, ensuring fuel reimbursement is fair and equitable for both the shipper and carrier. Breakthrough®Fuel Fuel Recovery delivers:

Reduction in transportation fuel costs of approximately 30% for clients in the United States and overall transportation fee reduction of 5-10% for clients in geographies outside of the US.

Visibility into shipment-level detail including fuel costs, consumption, and emissions determined by movement-specific components: price, regulatory environment, efficiency, freight profile, distance, and time.

Confidence that you are procuring fuel at the lowest market price and that fuel costs can be managed separately from linehaul rates.

Benchmarks and industry best practices to establish performance targets to support transportation energy strategies.

Custom transportation energy management strategies and continuous improvement initiatives to fuel you forward, year after year.



Department of Energy (DOE) Index-based programs do not account for the true market cost of fuel by omission of key, movement-specific data.



Breakthrough®Fuel aligns freight costs with real-time fuel costs based on time, price, tax, and geography.

Real-Time Transportation Data

Our clients are more efficient because we equip them with real time data and actionable insights at their fingertips. It’s called Breakthrough®Insight, and it provides visibility to every movement across each client’s network. Our focus is utilizing data to bring solutions addressing universal transportation and energy management challenges.

  • Where is my budget at risk?
  • What freight should I bid?
  • Are my carriers living out their commitments?
  • What are my industry peers doing?
  • How do I focus my team on the right improvements?

Breakthrough®Insight is built on an internal platform allowing us the ability to innovate, build and release what is most important to our clients.  We connect data in unique ways to gain new knowledge and insight to enhance our clients’ competitive advantage.

Marine Fuel Management

Whether on land or sea, we unbundle fuel costs from freight costs. We use this approach for our Marine freight as well, providing a clear view into fuel costs when shippers reimburse for their ocean freight movements. With Breakthrough®Fuel Marine Fuel Recovery, Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) program fuel costs are aligned to the true cost of fuel. So, bid farewell to variations among carrier BAF programs for the same trade lane.

Eliminate fuel distortion for full visibility into individual marine movements by separating fuel from freight costs and aligning to a market-based fuel program.

Determine real-time fuel costs by distance, speed, transit time, and ECA/SECA regulations on your specific trade-lane fleets to provide dynamic marine fuel prices.

Ability to manage fuel costs and make decisions using accurate and movement specific information. This provides benefits to both the shipper and carrier while eliminating fuel price distortion.

Fixed Price Fuel Solution

We take on market volatility so you don’t have to. Breakthrough®Fuel clients have the ability to achieve budget certainty by locking in a fixed-price for the fuel used to move their products to market. Transformational Fuel® uses movement-level data captured by Fuel Recovery to create customized solutions specific to each client network for up to 36 months.

We handle the complexity behind the scenes so you and your carrier partners can focus on moving your goods to market – on time and on budget.

Shipper sets transportation budget and price trigger

Market prices fall to price trigger

Shipper locks in fuel prices for fixed amount of time on specific amount of gallons

US Diesel market fluctuates but client maintains locked-in fuel price

Shipper achieves budget certainty

Energy Market Advisor

The energy used to move your products can account for about 30% of your total transportation spend. In order to create the best energy strategy possible for your company, it is essential to understand the price drivers and impacts of current events on fuel in your supply chain. The Breakthrough®Advisor series provides input from our knowledgeable transportation fuel market experts, transforming data into action. We monitor the following variables to ensure our forecasts are up-to-date and you have the latest, most relevant information.

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World Oil

A global perspective of the market, including key variables: shifting global oil production rates, global demand growth, refinery utilization rates, and upcoming events could influence these market conditions.

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& Risk

A look at how the evolving geopolitical landscape affects global oil supply and transportation channels, with special emphasis on major oil-producing countries and other oil-producing areas.

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The state of global economic growth, including generalized economic performance, the valuation of the U.S. dollar, and the overall outlook of global commodity markets.

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